Hi, I'm Juha, a Creator from Helsinki.


Hi, my name is Juha Mattila. I do VFX, Editing, Directing, Shooting, pretty much the whole production if needed. But I am not much of a scriptwriter. For short content like music videos, I can imagine in my head and create solid, entertaining stories without a detailed script. I would even say a video editor is also a storyteller as much as a writer. 

I am up for a project or for hire. I bill through ukko.fi or whatever we agree on. I am neither expensive nor cheap; price depends on what the project includes. I try to be fast, but there are always people slower and faster than yours truly. 

My tools are Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Sony A7III camera, Insta360 camera... I have fluorescent lights with softboxes, LED lights, stands, and other gear like audio gear such as Zoom F6 32bit float audio recorder Zoom F2 recoder, regular mics, instrument mics, Pole with a shotgun mic, lavs, and wireless lavs. I also have a Greenscreen setup. 

My main software nowadays are BMD Davinci Resolve, BMD Fusion, After Effects, Mocha Pro, iZotope RX10, Insta360 Studio, Affinity Photo, and many more. I can deal with other software or learn new ones. I have lots of history with Final Cut Pro 7 & X, Premiere Pro, Photoshop. I have pretty much everything from Boris FX

My native language is Finnish, but I am pretty good with English. I can definitely use it as my work language. It is not perfect, but I use it daily. 

On my learning lists are coding Python, Blender, and Unreal Engine. 

I have a background in Painting, Drawing, Music. I have been in school for Graphic design, Web design, and Print, but I really don't like to do typography or print. I prefer someone better than me does it. I can do it, but it is a slower process to do something that resembles good. After all, this site might be what my graphic design looks like; if it is okay, then okay. 

Under Here are the works that I think are my best, and this site works as my portfolio, so have a nice time! 

-Juha Mattila

Selected work

Muumiponi - Megaman

I did: Writing, Directing, Drawing, Animating, Editing, VFX

Drawn in Pixen, animated in BMD Fusion, and put together in Davinci Resolve, it's my first foray into pixel animation and pixel art. I'm quite happy with the result. I tried to make it look like Megaman 4, an 8-bit NES game, but decided that it needed more color. So, I expanded the color variety to something that resembles a 16-bit Super Nintendo game. I also rendered the video in NES resolution (256x240) and later upscaled it to 4K and applied filters.

Let us stay for a while

I did: VFX

I did VFX for the movie "Let Us Stay for a While" (2022) by Paula Saraste. Video above has few shots I made for the movie. The first ones depict a small airplane crash site with fires burning at the lake. The other shots involve human removals from the footage. I created these using Mocha Pro and After Effects.

Candy Perfume - Silverado

I did: Idea, Directing, Shooting, Editing, VFX...

I shot this footage in Tokyo in 2019, and it ended up in this project. This project involved a fair amount of rotoscoping. The idea was to create a dreamlike, trippy parallax moving trick shot video with minimal editing. Edits came in the form of slow rotoscoped transitions. The parallax transitions were successful because the train was moving at a smooth and steady pace, which allowed most of the footage to sync together. I shot this handheld with the A7III, and I'm a bit surprised at how stable the footage ended up being.

GMMT - Netiketti feat. Muumiponi

I did: Writing, Directing, Shooting, Editing, VFX...

My first project with a green screen was a good lesson back in 2016. I made almost all the green screen mistakes and had to do a lot of rotoscoping. I was obsessed with Cyberpunk themes and wanted to create something along those lines. This music video won the Oulu Music Video Festival Teen Pumpeli award in 2019.

Chaos in harmony

I did: Idea, Directing, Shooting, Editing, VFX...

My first video that I was serious about was back in 2012. At that time, I was really into timelapse photography and Pentax DSLR cameras and lenses. I used two Pentax K5 cameras with Pentax DA 15mm, Pentax FA 31mm, Pentax FA 43mm, Pentax FA 77mm (my favorite lens), and Pentax M 135mm. I still look back on those days with nostalgia. There was also a bunch of rotoscoping done to create that fake miniature look by drawing masks in Adobe Lightroom.

Sibelius Continuum

I did: VFX

I did rotoscoping and other After Effects work for the movie "Sibelius Continuum" (2020) by Aarni Vaarnamo. What I mostly did was rotoscope the cockpit of a fighter jet. It was shot with a handheld camera, and I created fake reflections to make it look like glass was there.


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