Project archive

Some of my past projects reside here

Product shoot video that I made for Roukua electric scooter brand.


Here are videos that Aku Häyrynen and I did together. We had this brand, Tuotanto Productions. It was like a two-man boy band.


I was an Assistant Editor and performed various other tasks. I worked on Dudesons Season 5, Duudsonit tuli taloon Season 3, and Duudsons do Gumball 3000. I also shot some YouTube commercials for their pizza and candy.


I did lots of internal marketing videos for Sweco and some other videos. These ones are still online, but most have already disappeared

More Music Videos

I have done my fair share of music videos. Most of those are for the Kepesmode/GMMT alliance, but there are also others.

Projects for Timo Wright

I have done lots of rotoscoping for Timo Wright's projects. The first picture is from "Everyday Vrealities". I rotoscoped VR material that was shot with multiple cameras from different angles. Each camera has normal image and color spectrum depth map footage. First, I rotoscoped the normal picture and then applied the roto to the depth map.

The second picture with the rotting turkey is from "A Feast with King Midas". I rotoscoped rotting food on the table and combined it with footage where Midas is sitting while the food rots and starts to run around the table. 

I also did other roto work for him for a piece called "Displace" that was presented at the Flow Festival, but I can't find any footage of it.